Friday, 22 May 2009

More redcoats

This is the 45th Regiment of foot. I have chosen it for no more cogent reason than its colour is green! It provdes the army with more variety, though admittedly I am going to have to give in and paint some more yellow or buff faced regiments to give a more representative look.

These figures are from packs AWB 4 and AWB 12, my personal favourite is the drummer trying to keep up without loosing his bearskin. They represent a British unit attacking with the bayonet, which frequently unnerved unsteady American troops, but which could equally end up halted by resolute troops who kept up their fire. At this stage there are pictures on the blog depicting all four poses of hatmen in the 1768 warrant uniform.

Dave at Pendraken has recently sentme a pack of every code in the range, so I hope to be painting more of what's available and geting them up here.


  1. Great Blog, lots of inspiration, I have Guilford court house in 10mm Pendraken on my to do list. Based on an article from Military Modeling special from the early 1980's. With some great illustrations in campaign dress from the late Rick Scollins.