Wednesday, 1 April 2009

First Greens

Posting up pictures of the first unit I painted turned my thoughts back to the sculpting of these first figures, and I managed to find some pictures of the first "greens". I no longer work with "greenstuff" as I prefer "procreate" which is grey. I do however miss the fact that you could see the extras or alterations you'd made much more clearly. On the other hand the grey material gives a better idea what the final figure will look like. I was inspired by seeing the Perry's "Workbench" page, which was the first time I'd seen how sculptors manage to produce lots of variants. Its done by sculpting "dollies" which can be anything from skeletons to near finished figures, which are then cast. Over these dollies more sculpting can be done, allowing the sculptor to add variation on a similar pose, without sculpting a whole new figure each time.
Once I understood this I realised that an AWI line with the variants to do it justice was possible without being so big a task as to demand time I didn't have. Even so it still demands an awful lot of my free time.

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  1. Hello! I just looked in and saw "PROCREAT". I'm going to try that as I'm not happy with A+B Epoxy.