Sunday, 29 March 2009

A bit more on this first unit. They are dressed in the "classical" uniform of British infantry at the outbreak of the war, that laid down by the warrant of 1768. The regiments that advanced up Breed's Hill in 1777 were likely dressed in this uniform. They are depicted in canvas backpacks, which I have chosen to do with either "GR" or the "Broad arrow" stitched into them. The broad arrow was a mark of government property, and could be seen on everything from cannonballs to horses. Its unlikely they were stitched on so large, but you have to make some allowances for scale. 

A peculiarity of the command in this unit; the sergeant carries a halberd, and the officer a spontoon. These weapons were probably dropped early in the conflict and most officers and NCOs carried firearms, but I wanted to at least give the option to those who wanted to depict their units in strict regulation style in the early months of the war. In most other British packs the officers are carrying fusils.

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